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Book Review: My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent

Finished: January 27, 2012
Pages: 279 (Paperback)
Add It: Goodreads
Series: Soul Screamers (#1)
Publisher: Harlequin
Source: Gift

She doesn't see dead people, but…

She senses when someone near her is about to die. And when that happens, a force beyond her control compels her to scream bloody murder. Literally.

Kaylee just wants to enjoy having caught the attention of the hottest guy in school. But a normal date is hard to come by when Nash seems to know more about her need to scream than she does. And when classmates start dropping dead for no apparent reason, only Kaylee knows who'll be next…

Quote: “So what does Tod look like? Whitewashed skeleton skulking around in a black cape and hood? Carrying a scythe? 'Cause I'm thinking that would cause mass panic in the hospital." ..... "Do you chase after a funeral processions in a long, dirty dress, hair trailing behind you in the wind? I shot him a mock frown. "Have you been following me again?”
Read the prequel to this series for free on Goodreads.

Cover Love: I chose to display this cover because while I really do not like the US cover of this book the UK cover is on my Goodreads shelf of favorite book covers. I just like how different it is. The girl screaming really fits the novel. It's about Banshees after all! I would love to own this version. I actually own the Omnibus of the prequel and the first two books which is lovely as well.

Thoughts: The Soul Screamers series approaches supernatural beings that I haven't yet encountered before in my reading. The concept of Banshees (Bean Sidhes) is new to me and so it was definitely a refreshing subject to read about. I absolutely love the world Rachel Vincent crafts here. I was initially drawn to this series by the prequel, My Soul to Lose, and if I'm being honest, I enjoyed the prequel even more than I enjoyed this first book in the series. The prequel introduced us to Kayleigh's need to wail when someone near her was about to die. I was fascinated and excited to pick up the first book. Unfortunately, as I kind of expected, the first book was bogged down by an instant romance, taking away from the world that Rachel Vincent was building, which is a shame since the mythology only gets even more involved and interesting here.

The Grim Reapers and Tod as a character were really great additions to this story. I love the explorations into death and learning about the details of the involvement of the Grim Reapers and the different parts male and female bean sidhes can play. The plot was fast moving and the ending was satisfying. It did not feel like a cliffhanger but a complete story, which is very important for a series, but it still managed to leave me wanting more.

The one thing that I really didn't like about this novel was a prominent enough part of the book to affect my rating. The romance between Nash and Kayleigh was formed too quickly to be believable. Kayleigh found herself wondering if Nash only had feelings for her because of what they have in common, and I did too, because what else was there? Kayleigh spends much of the story getting distracted by Nash's arms, hands, mouth and the swirling depths in his eyes and it caused me to roll my own non-swirly eyes on several occasions. She also frequently wonders what he could possibly see in her because of course he is ~beautiful~ and the most popular guy in school. Do we really have to keep writing heroines this way? Heroines who spend the entire day thinking about a boy and wondering how they could possibly deserve him? Can't our supernatural heroine have a little more confidence and focus on the much more important things she has going on without constantly thinking about a boy's "gravelly chuckle" and how it sent a "bolt of heat" blazing through her? At this point when it comes to a lot of YA romance I am hoping someone does a follow up. Can we look in on these romances a few years down the line when she's had to listen to him snoring at all hours and watched him forget to wash his hands after pooping a few times? Because I think the inner monologues would really align with reality then.

I will definitely be continuing on with this series. Romance aside, the story is one of the most original I've come across in the paranormal genre lately. I hope that future books focus more on everyone's abilities and the Reapers instead of pretty boys.

Recommendation: Anyone in the mood for some paranormal candy that ventures away from the usual vampires/werewolves.


Three out of Five Coffees

My Soul to Take is on sale now in paperback. You can purchase it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, The Book Depository and other retailers. There are already four more books released in the series and another on the way this year. There are even a few novellas available.

Extras: Looking for other books similar to this one? You might also like The Body Finder or Fracture.


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